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Onsite Car & Van ECU Diagnostics

The majority of modern day cars and vans (if not all) rely on an ECU (engine control unit) in order to run. The ECU relies on a number of sensors which are located on vital components throughout the vehicle to monitor Fuel, Intake Air Flow and Engine Temerature to name but a few. If just one of these components malfunctions, this can effect the performance of the vehicle and an ECU warning light will appear on your dashboard, warning you something has gone wrong.

If your ECU warning indicator lights up on your dashboard, your car will more than likely enter ‘limp mode’ which is designed to keep the engine running so you can get home or better still, to your local garage for inspection.

Top Tip!

Like most modern computers, sometimes an error occurs and they need to be reset. If your ECU light comes on, pull your vehicle over to the next available safe place and turn off your engine and remove your key from the ignition.

Wait 60 seconds then restart your engine and see if the ECU indicator is still lit or not. More often than not the light will come back on immediately or at some-stage soon, but it has been known that sometimes this cures the fault. We still recommend that you bring your car to us so we can see what went wrong.

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Full Circle Motors has the latest ECU diagnostic equipment designed to pin-point engine management faults, for most modern day vehicles.